Loyalty Program


You Could Get $250 or $500 in Credits!


If you have previously travelled with Expedition Wild on a nature adventure, we will be more than happy to provide you with a credit should you choose to travel with us again. This offer is valid for any individuals who have travelled with us in the past, and can be used for every previous participant in our nature adventures.


For trips costing over $4,995, we will give you $500 off. For trips costing under $4,995, we will give you $250 off. These offers are per person, so if you and your significant other both took a trip with us before costing at least $4,995, you will both get $500 credits for a total of $1,000 off your next adventure with us.


Talk about a great value!

You could even earn credits by referring a friend


We love it when our previous guests are so pleased with their nature adventure that they want to refer their friends and family members to Expedition Wild. As a small token of our appreciation for referrals, we offer credits that can be used to discount your next trip.


That’s right, if you are kind enough to refer your friends for an adventure with Expedition Wild, we will be more than happy to give you $250 off your next trip as our way of saying thank you for providing us with more business.


For any guest that you refer to us who books a trip, we will send you a gift card worth $250 off your next trip with Expedition Wild. Guests can only use two gift cards for every trip booked (for a total of a $500 discount). Our gift cards are non-transferable, and all gift cards will be sent out within 30 days of completion of the trip. These can be combined with the $250 & $500 credits from previous trips.