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African Adventure Tour


Expedition Wild Adventure Tours are adventures for the photographer enthusiast and non-photographers.  Our focus is on helping you see exceptional moments with wildlife, landscapes, and cultural aspects of the area when possible.   These trips can be done individually or in groups.  We design the Adventures to be affordable and flexible, so you can go alone or with as many family, friends, or associates as you would like.   These trips will not include our highly trained photographers, but will typically have a local trained guide.  We are very proud to help support our local guides with this tour option.  Adventure tour safaris will normally have you sitting with other travelers unless your group is enough to fill the vehicle. In India, most jeeps only sit four (4) people, so it’s quite an intimate setting. You will rise early and leave the park after morning drives. You have an evening safari until sunset, to capitalize on the best light. If you need more space for your photography, we highly suggest picking one of our dedicated photography tours or we would be happy to make a custom tour for you and your group.


If you’re looking for a trip that will bring you a close look at wildlife, some of the best wildlands on the planet, and a land steeped in rich tradition and history, then a safari in Africa may just be the perfect match for you.



Africa’s Natural Beauty


It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran traveler or a first timer to the continent, Africa will always have something new to show you. You’ll get to experience the beauty of rainforests, the glorious coastlines in Central Africa, the savannahs in the Serengeti, and the famous canyons in the Great Rift Valley. No matter how well traveled you are, you will always find something unique and exciting in Africa.


A Show of Wildlife


Animal lovers will find plenty of reasons to enjoy Africa, with the area bringing a cornucopia of different types of wildlife to view. Elephants, lions, and hippopotamuses are just a few of the wild animals that call Africa home, and you can see them in all their natural glory, right in their natural habitat. This isn’t anything like a zoo where you will see animals in captivity, but you will get to see them right in their natural habitat, doing their thing.


New and Ancient Africa


Africa is a land where the past can meet the future. There are many rural areas of Africa where it may seem like there is no such thing as the modern world we currently live in, featuring old traditions and customs, along with old music styles. This is a way to enjoy the ancient world as it used to be.


With that in mind, Africa also has areas that have evolved with the times. Many folks in the land stick with the old traditions, but many more are embracing the future, bringing new ways of thinking, creativity, and technology into cities and other areas of Africa. Africa is a great place to see how well the new can meet the old.